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SynDaver 3D brings you the Apogee

          Dual Extrusion (IDEX)
                  Large Format
                           Fully Enclosed

 Apogee Features


Very Large Build Volume 

Features a 1000x1000x1000mm (1m3 ) build volume for Extremely LARGE prints.  And with the 1m2 bedplate you can also print an ARRAY of smaller parts.

Dual Material IDEX Printing

Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) uses two toolheads to print different Apogee materials at the same time for complex prints

Swappable Toolheads 

Swappable toolheads increase printing options with minimal downtime.   Customize toolheads with 1.75mm E3D RevoTM extruders and swappable High Flow Nozzles, a range of nozzle types and various heater blocks. Toolheads include a 360° fan with dual blowers.

Automatic Mesh Bed Leveling 

Creates a 121-point mesh using a “touch free” sensor. Mesh is used to create a uniform base for printing. Improves bed adhesion and print quality.


Print using Wi-Fi Direct, Network Wi-Fi or USB stick. Use Wi-Fi to upload print files, control the printer and check print status. Access the printer from any computer, tablet, phone or use the integrated screen for control. Printing is NOT interrupted by network or computer sleep and restarting issues.

Heated Bed Plate 

Fully heated aluminum bed plate ensures good print adhesion to the build plate and layer adhesion throughout the build process.

Filament Handling

Dual filament “Run Out” sensors detect when filament runs out on either toolhead. Printing is paused for adding new filament. 

Filament can be routed internally with small or large spools or externally with very large spools.


The sturdy enclosure allows for 360 degree viewing of the print.  Doors on all sides allow for easy access to printer interior for print removal, maintenance or cleaning. 

Lockdown and leveling castors allow for easy and safe movement.

Stage Lighting 

Controllable stage lighting surrounds the model to see the details of the print — before, during and after.  Illuminates the full print volume – not just the print bed.

 Apogee Applications

– Design
– Functional Prototypes
– End-Use Parts
– Forms, Molds and Castings
Manufacturing (jigs, fixtures and tooling)
– Artwork, Special Effects & Museum Pieces
– Medical and Human Models
Parts (spare, end-of-life and obsolete)
And Many More . . .

 Apogee Tech Specs

Build Size (LxWxH):1000x1000x1000mm (1m^3 )
Print Surface: – Aluminum, up to 120°C,
– Automatic Mesh Leveling
Filament:– 1.75mm
– All Major Filaments up to 290°C
– (PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, Carbon filled, Fiberglass filled, Metal filled, Wood filled, Polycarbonate, TPU and more)
Toolhead:– E3D Hemera & Revo (Extruder & Nozzles)
– Standard, High Flow & High Temp
– 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 “Swappable”
– 360° Fan with Dual Blowers
– High Wattage Heater Cartridge
Slicer Software: Most Slicers (Std. 3D Printer G-Code)
Warranty:3 Years, Materials and Workmanship
(90 days toolhead & bedplate surface)