SynDaver3D announces new American-made 3D printer under $500, begins taking pre-orders

TAMPA, Fla. – SynDaver3D, the developer of high-quality, American-made 3D printers, announced Wednesday the launch of their new line of affordable 3D printers, the LeveL and the LeveL UP.

According to SynDaver3D, the the company is gearing up to manufacture the new fully-enclosed, raised-bed 3D printers, which are scheduled to begin shipping in September.

Tailored toward 3D-printing novices and children within early education, the LeveL 3D printer offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface while delivering quality and dimensionally accurate results. The entry-level version features thermally-controlled ventilation, a heated bed, a 4.3-inch LED screen and a 1-year warranty.

The LeveL’s more advanced companion, the LeveL UP, meets the needs of experienced hobbyists and 3D-printing manufacturers with additional features like a camera, WiFi, automated bed-leveling and a 3-year warranty.

The LeveL and LeveL UP 3D printers are both manufactured in the U.S. and have a list price of $495 and $995, respectively.

“We have worked hard here at SynDaver3D to develop a low-cost printer that offers the print quality and key features normally found only in higher-end printers,” said Curt Ketner, executive vice president of SynDaver3D. “The capabilities and affordable costs of both printers make the LeveL and LeveL UP two of the top-tiered entry-level 3D printers on the market.”

The LeveL and LeveL UP follows the popular SynDaver Axi 2 3D printer, which was launched earlier in 2021.

The LeveL and LeveL UP are available for preorder at Those interested in being the first to own SynDaver3D’s new line of LeveL printers are encouraged to act fast, as availability is limited.

SynDaver3D is a subsidiary of SynDaver, which has garnered international fame and attention for the development of synthetic humans, animal models and task trainers that simulate the anatomy of live patients with accurate detail, including individual muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, nerves and organ systems, which are available through their sister company, SynDaver. The company’s patented synthetic tissues are made of water, fibers and salts, and each has been validated against the relevant living tissue for mechanical and physical properties.

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About SynDaver3D
Headquartered in Loveland, Colorado, SynDaver 3D is a developer of 3D printers used for additive manufacturing, military applications and education. When a well-known Loveland, Colorado 3D printing company closed down at the end of 2019, SynDaver leveraged talent from that former company to form SynDaver3D and began developing their own 3D printers. Since then, the SynDaver3D team has launched several 3D printers. SynDaver 3D provides, high-quality, American-made, 3D printers with best-in-industry warranties. Additionally, the company offers a unique trade-up program, which allows owners of SynDaver3D printers to trade older model SynDaver3D printers in to receive a credit toward the purchase of new SynDaver3D printers.

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James JudgeSynDaver3D announces new American-made 3D printer under $500, begins taking pre-orders